Cotton.Candy.Queen - AKA - Pip

I'm a mid-twenties professional music performance graduate, currently based in Somerset,
with a serious Primark addiction and a nail polish collection large enough to set up a salon.

Throwing in my personal take on Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle, come along for the ride
and keep up to date with my musings.

♥ Peace ☮

If you're wondering 'why Cotton Candy Queen?', well it was all because of my hair.
A few years ago when I first set up this blog, (FYI it was terrible, it died a tragic death and nobody wanted to read about what my hamster was up to) 
My hair was a beautiful shade of candy floss pastel pink. I wanted to theme the blog name around that and 'Cotton Candy Queen' 
just had a nice ring to it, so it stuck! Fast forward a few years and I have decided to resurrect this page 
from the deepest despair pit of the internet, this time with something a little more interesting to say.
One day I will get my pastel locks back but for now I'm giving my tresses a rest,
as bleach is not my friend!


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